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Lockhart Basin Trail

Are you looking for best views in the entire country? Sure the national park has some but you will be there with hundreds of other people. If you want the view and the solitude then look no farther than theLockhart Basin Trail.

White Rim Road

Beef Basin Loop

I have ridden most major trails in the Moab area but I have to say I saved the best for last with the Beef Basin Loop.  I have divided the loop into 4 sections. 

Beef Basin
1. Salt Creek
Canyon Over look

2. Beef Basin
Indian Ruins


3. Bobby's Hole
and Elephant Hill
4. The
Joint Trail

White Rim Road

On of the longest most remote trails in the Moab area.  The trail is a 112 mile loop not counting several possible side trips.

1.Shaffer Switchbacks

2. White Crack

3. Mineral Bottom

White Rim Road

Top of the World Loop

If you have never ridden in Moab before I would recommend starting from Dewey Bridge and riding to the Top of the World. From here you will get an ah inspiring view of what Moab looks like. From the over look you will also be able to see the other two trails in this area Rose Garden Hill and Onion Creek that you will use to create a large loop. 

Top of the World Trail

Sand Flats Recreation Area

Though the Slick Rock Bike Trail started as Motorcycle trail it has all but been taken over by bicycles with over 100,000 riders each year. However, if you get there early you will have the trail to yourself. Though the slick rock trail is only for bikes and motorcycles Hell's Revenge and Fins N Things the same type of trail and can be used by Jeeps and ATVs. 

Slick Bike Trail

Poison Spider Mesa

To me the trails on Poison Spider Mesa are the best to ride in the Moab Area with just the right amount of slick rock, sand and challenging ledges. Golden Spike and Gold Bar Rim are the same type of trail and are simply a continuation of Poison Spider though it does become more difficult. To finish the loop you can going into Bull Canyon and then finish up in Long Canyon which will take you back down off of the mesa. 

Poison Spider Mesa
Elephant Hill

Elephant Hill is simply the most beautiful trail you could ever ride on. However, to ride this trail you must be street legal as it is inside Canyon Lands National Park so no ATV and dirt bikes must be street legal

Elephant Hill
Kane Creek Area

Kane Creek Road provides access to many trails south of Moab.  One could easily spend several days in this one area exploring easy and scenic trails like  Chicken Corners, Catacomb Rock, Hurrah Pass.  If you are looking for a challenge try Kane Creek Trail, Moab Rim Arch.

Kane Creek Trail
La Sal Mountains

The La Sal Mountains add great diversity to Moab riding experience. In just a few miles on Thompson Canyon Trial it is as if you have left Utah and arrived in Colorado.  On our third trip to Moab we tried to beat the heat on La Sal Pass

La Sal Mountain ATV Trails

Canyonlands National Park Pictures

Canyonlands National Park

Arches National Park Pictures

Arches National Park


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